BRANDY Y PRODUCTIONS Inc. is an independent documentary film, television and digital media company owned by Brandy Yanchyk, an award winning filmmaker and journalist based in Edmonton, Alberta. She has made seven documentaries in the past six years. Ms. Yanchyk’s productions are across a range of social and factual genres. She has created news features and documentaries for international television, radio and online for clients such as the BBC, CBC, OMNI Television, PBS and Deutsche Welle Radio, amongst others.

Brandy Yanchyk’s newest documentaries “Grey Glory” and “Grey Ambition” are about seniors pushing their brains and bodies to their limit. They are airing on Rogers’ OMNI TV and CBC’s Documentary Channel in 2014/2015.
The two documentaries also screened at the 2014 Toronto Commffest Global Community Film Festival .

Ms.Yanchyk is also a regular reporter/producer for BBC World’s ‘The Travel Show’ and have covered stories worldwide including Canada, Finland, Australia and New Zealand for a global audience of 76 million viewers since 2009.

Brandy Yanchyk is also in post production on a new documentary called “Finding Edge Road“. The film follows the lives of asylum seekers from Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan who have found themselves in Eastern Finland.