“Nature and Newcomers – Why Target New Immigrants?”

“Nature’s Invitation” will screen at the The Ron Gorgichuk Memorial Luncheon on March 14th, 2013.
Following the screening Brandy Yanchyk will lead the panel “Nature and Newcomers – Why Target New Immigrants?”
at the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association 2013 Parks Forum: Parks, Landscapes and Open Spaces.

“This discussion panel will be lead by journalist Brandy Yanchyk who has recently made the documentary “Nature’s Invitation”. The panel session will focus on the journalist’s observations while filming new immigrants as they explored Canada’s national and provincial parks, as part of new outdoor wilderness programs developed by Parks Canada and Alberta Parks.
Ms. Yanchyk will also discuss the importance of getting new Canadians involved in nature programs in the Albertan cities of Edmonton and Calgary. The goal of these initiatives is to help newcomers become educated about the wilderness available to them by taking away barriers that stop them from exploring.”