BBC Fast Track’s Brandy Yanchyk visits “The aboriginal community using tourism to help preserve its way of life”

Come to Haida Gwaii, British Columbia with Brandy Yanchyk on BBC World TV’s travel show Fast Track.
“The Haida Gwaii archipelago is on the north-western coast of British Colombia and is home to the Haida people. Like many of Canada’s first nation people, from the 1870s to until the 1970s, children were taken from their parents and sent to boarding and residential schools where their cultural practices and languages were banned. The Canadian government has apologised. But despite what has happened in the past, the Haida culture is thriving. The Haida heritage centre in Skidegate allows tourists to learn about their culture and an art route created throughout Haida Gwaii allows visitors to meet local people.” Click her to see Brandy Yanchyk’s report from Haida Gwaii.