Principle Subjects

“Your mind has to be in control. Your body has to be the slave of your mind.” — Milos Kostic


Milos Kostic is a seventy-two year old runner and triathlete from Regina, Saskatchewan. Each year he competes in up to three IRONMAN® races and around six marathons. Milos started doing IRONMAN® triathlons at the age of sixty-four and has now completed more than twenty IRONMAN® races. IRONMAN® is thought to be the most competitive long-distance triathlon in the world. In 2013 he came in first place in the seventy to seventy-four age division in the 2013 IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

“An athlete wants to win so I got hooked and I am still hooked. It’s my passion.” — Olga Kotelko


Olga Kotelko is a ninety-four year old Masters Track and Field athlete from West Vancouver, British Columbia. She has won over seven hundred gold metals in her age category since she started track and field when she was seventy-seven. In Masters Track and Field she competes in four sprints: the one hundred metre, two hundred metre and four hundred metre and eight hundred metre dash. Olga also competes in three jumps: high jump, long jump and triple jump. She also does five throws: shot put, discus, javelin, hammer and weight throw. Olga holds twenty-six world records in those events.

“Once you hold those medals you are hooked.” – Christa Bortignon


Christa Bortignon is a seventy-six year old Masters Track and Field athlete who lives in West Vancouver. Christa has won two hundred and seventy- eight medals in Masters Track and Field competitions around the world. In 2013 Christa was named the World Masters’ Female Athlete of the year.

It is the highest award in World Masters athletics. Christa holds world records in fourteen different events including the one hundred metre dash, two hundred metre hurdles and triple jump.

“I just want to stay active so I can keep doing gymnastics. I can’t see myself ever giving up.” – Ed Vincent


At the age of seventy-six Ed Vincent’s gymnastics training keeps him active three times a week, sometimes up to three hours a day. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and has been doing gymnastics since he was eighteen years old. Ed has faced multiple health problems and is in pain through every workout but refuses to give up.

He has adapted his gymnastics’ equipment to keep up with his body’s deterioration. Ed invented “the bucket” technique so he could do the pommel horse without straining his elbow. He has also developed the ring machine. It’s a weight assisted apparatus that takes some of his weight off so that the can still practice on the gymnastics rings.

“You are only getting older if you feel older.” – Tom Heffner


Tom Heffner is a sixty-eight year old competitive bodybuilder who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Despite having a pacemaker he trains and competes internationally in a sport that is obsessed with being young.

In October, Tom competed in the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, Spain. It is a professional bodybuilding competition organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Tom came in fourth in the sixty plus amateur division competing against five other people.



Bruce Grierson is a social science author. He has written stories about Olga Kotelko for the New York Times and Reader’s Digest. In 2013 Bruce published the new book WHAT MAKES OLGA RUN?

“We are investigating the question of Olga from a motivational point, what makes her run and the science of her body.”


Ed Vincent’s training partner.

“He can’t beat nature, nobody’s going to beat nature but he is doing what he can.”


Tom Heffner’s wife.

“Ever since I met him I’ve thought his legs have been the most prominent part. Everyone wants their husband to look great.”