Principle Subjects

“I think stress plays a big part
in your health, in your general
health. Stress levels can do all
types of odd things to you.” — Henry Schroeder


Henry Schroeder is ninety-five and is one of the oldest pilots in Canada.
He keeps himself busy by building airplanes in his garage and flying
them. He lives alone in Edmonton, Alberta after his wife died a year ago.
Henry is an optimist and believes his positive thinking has helped him to
stay so healthy.
He also thinks that eliminating stress is one of the secrets to his longevity.

“All the seniors hear about
me and whenever they have
a problem come to me to ask
a favour.” — Peggy Kim


Peggy Kim is eighty years old and spends most of her time volunteering.
She helps other Korean seniors cope with the stresses of getting old.
Peggy has been the president of the Calgary Korean Lions Club for one
year and the Calgary Korean Seniors Association for two years. She also
runs a Korean performing arts group with her daughter, Heesung Kim.
They perform at events and senior’s homes.

“Just stay healthy, look after
yourself, and enjoy your
life as it is. Don’t be going
looking for obstacles and
things in your way.” – Joyce George


Joyce George is a ninety-one year old roller skating teacher at Scooter’s
Roller Palace in Mississauga, Ontario. She teaches rollerskating with her
husband, Arthur George, each week and specializes in showing skaters
how to waltz on roller skates. Joyce has never let her health problems stop
her from skating. She recovered from a heart attack and has been battling
osteoarthritis for thirty years.


Arthur George is ninety-two years old and still teaches roller skating at
Scooter’s Roller Palace in Mississauga, Ontario. Arthur and his wife Joyce
were amateur roller-skaters who spent almost every night at the rink.
They have been teaching people how to skate for decades and even when
Arthur’s eyesight started to deteriorate because of macular degeneration he
refused to stop.

“With no hands I can do
anything and everything
that I wanted to do. I try
anything once.” – Anna Jarmics


Anna Jarmics is seventy-nine and an award-winning artist. She is also a
champion dart player, and every two years plays in the Canadian Seniors’
Olympics. Anna has accomplished all of these tasks without the use of her
hands. When she was ten years old and living in Hungry she lost her hands
after she picked up a small charge grenade which was thrown into her yard
by passing Russian soldiers.

Then during the Russian occupation of Hungary Anna escaped in 1956
to a refugee camp in England where she rejoined her husband. After they
immigrated to Canada in 1968 he left her emptying the bank account. She
had to raise four children and run a farm on her own. Today Anna lives
in Calgary, Alberta. She is an inspiration to the Hungarian seniors she
volunteers with.

“I will never stop learning.
I consciously try to think
young because I think
that’s where new ideas
are spawn.” – Harry Rosen

Photo by: William Suarez


Harry Rosen is eighty-two years old and has decided not to retire. He still
works six days a week and is involved with the Harry Rosen mens clothing
stores he started sixty-two years ago. The Harry Rosen business today
is made up of sixteen stores in the seven major markets in Canada. On
Saturdays Harry spends the day at the Bloor Street store in Toronto serving
customers who request him. Harry is also a philanthropist and has raised
millions of dollars for Ryerson University, the Canadian Association of
Mental Health, Bridgepoint Hospital and the McEwen Centre for Regenerative
At eighty-two he returned to school to take courses at Ryerson University
in psychology, sociology, and medieval european history.

“Retirement is a word that I
think should be retired, period.” – Marilyn O’Hara


Marilyn O’Hara is sixty-seven years old and lives in Fredericton,
New Brunswick. She thinks seniors make great entrepreneurs and
started a new career as a mobile optician. Marilyn travels to her
customers homes and offices to adjust and find the perfect glasses
for them. Marilyn has been working as a mobile optician for two
and a half years. She has about one hundred and fifty clients.



Harry Rosen Chair in Diabetes &
Regenerative Medicine Research

“The work we are doing here will change the
life of many, many people.”


Co-Founder of McEwen Centre for
Regenerative Medicine

“People are interested in what Harry is
interested in.”


Henry’s son

“It’s like time has stopped; [Henry
Schroeder’s] age has frozen in the maybe
in the seventies. And he’s not aged in his
mind or his body.”


Peggy’s Daughter

“Now that [Peggy Kim] has more time I
think she is able to dedicate some of her own
time to things that she always wanted to do
but she never really got a chance to do.”


Peggy’s friend

“She [Peggy Kim] likes to help any where, any
place or any time, whoever needs some help
then she would like to do it.”


Owner of Scooter’s Roller Palace

“It proves what exercise and good health will
do to you. Make your life long and healthy.”


Joyce and Arthur’s Son

“To me the roller skating has kept them
[Joyce and Arthur George] going.”


Anna’s Friend

“For being an immigrant all of them have
a hard life…but without hands even much
harder I think.”


Anna’s partner

“She amazes me (Anna Jarmics) in what she
can do and how she does it. She’s amazing.”