Seeing Canada (2017) (Six-part series) (CPAC)

The first three episodes of #SeeingCanada are available to watch online here. The full series will air on CPAC and on public TV stations in the USA including PBS in January, 2018. Click here it see a promo of the series #SeeingCanada.

In January the full series will start airing on public TV stations in the USA including PBS.
Here is the schedule for CPAC:
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Here are descriptions of the first three episodes:

1. Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk explores Nimmo Bay in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, followed by an authentic indigenous experience with the Great Spirit Circle Trail on Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

2. Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to learn about the local foodie scene and explore Waneskewin Heritage Park. Next, she travels to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she visits the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and learns about the city’s secret Hermetic Code.

3. Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk travels on horseback to the famous Plain of Six Glaciers Trail in Lake Louise. Next, she experiences Niagara Falls by helicopter and boat, followed by a trip to a local Niagara winery.