Finding Edge Road (2015) (52 minutes) (CBC Documentary Channel)

“Finding Edge Road” is a documentary about asylum seekers in eastern Finland.
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You can rent “Finding Edge Road” online here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/findingedgeroaddoc

This film explores how the small city of Lieksa in Eastern Finland is dealing with a recent influx of new immigrants from Somalia and Iraq. The newcomers have moved to vacant council apartments on a street called “Edge Road.”

Lieksa’s population is aging and with its high unemployment rate of twenty percent. many locals are concerned that immigrants will take their jobs or live off government benefits. Residents are also concerned about newcomers not integrating into Finnish society and learning the language, a prerequisite for getting a job in Finland.

This change in demographics has caused tensions in the community and led to an increase in racist attacks.

The film explores both points of view showing those who see immigration as a positive force and those who are threatened by it.

Finding Edge Road was shot over three years by Canadian filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk.