Canadian Paralympic Team Spends a Record 3 Million Dollars for 2012 London Games

“Going into the Games the Canadian Paralympic Committee spent a record three million dollars preparing for the Games. Brandy Yanchyk reports on what that’s meant for athletes in London.” CBC WORLD REPORT
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Canadian Paralympians at the 2012 London Games

“In all 145 people are competing for Canada at the Games. Reporter Brandy Yanchyk caught up with a few of them to talk about the thrill of representing their country at this elite competition.” – CBC WORLD REPORT
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CBC’s End of Summer Travel Series 2011 – Norman Wells, Northwest Territories

“To help us wrap up the summer CBC Reporter Brandy Yanchyk is taking us traveling. All this week she’ll take us on adventures in western and northern Canada. Today we head to the remote town of Norman Wells in the Northwest Territories which is about seven hundred kilometres northwest of Yellowknife, just a two hour flight from Edmonton. The population is about eight hundred and Brandy started her adventure canoeing and ended it by meeting a royal.”

CBC’s End of Summer Travel Series 2011 – Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

“Yesterday our Reporter Brandy Yanchyk took us canoeing in Norman Wells in the Northwest Territories. Today we continue our travel adventures in British Columbia. It all starts at the Masset international airport where Brandy is off to Haida Gwaii.”

CBC’s End of Summer Travel Series 2011 – Heli-hiking in the Columbia Mountains, British Columbia

“We have been canoeing in the Northwest Territories and hiking along Haida Gwaii. Well today we finish our end of summer travel series with CBC Reporter Brandy Yanchyk. Today we are off to the Columbia mountains where Brandy goes to great heights heli-hiking.”

CBC’s End of Summer Travel Series 2011 – Rafter Six Ranch, Kananaskis, Alberta

“There’s been canoeing, plain old hiking and heli-hiking. Well today CBC Reporter Brandy Yanchyk wraps up her end of summer travel series with a trip to the Rafter Six Ranch in Kananaskis country.”

Britain’s Prince Andrew celebrates in the Sahtu region in the Northwest Territories

“Britain’s Prince Andrew is in Norman Wells in the Sahtu region of the Northwest Territories this weekend helping to celebrate the opening of new tourist facilities in the area. As Brandy Yanchyk reports people in the area are hoping that the royal endorsement for their region will result in more people visiting the north.”

Geocaching in Jasper National Park

“Renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman has created a program to get kids off the couch, away from video games and out into nature. The program is called Get to Know’s National Treasure Program and it teaches children about geocaching and its being offered in Jasper this summer. CBC’s Brandy Yanchyk was there as the first session of the season got underway.”

Lifelong learning: “Working with my literacy tutor for 26 years”

“For twenty-six years Red Deer’s Joe Gallant has been working with the same literacy tutor every Wednesday. As part of International Adult Learner’s Week the CBC’s Brandy Yanchyk visited Joe to hear about his story of learning to read.”

CBC Live Right Now Series – Whistler, British Columbia

The CBC’s Brandy Yanchyk travels to Whistler where members of the public are getting a chance to try the sport of skeleton.