“Heli-skiing in the ‘powder highway’”

“Fifty years ago, mountain guide Hans Gmoser began taking skiing groups by helicopter to some of the most remote parts of British Columbia’s mountain tops. Once seen as the preserve of the most daring elite skiers, it has now become accessible to people with intermediate experience. The Travel Show’s Brandy Yanchyk travels to Revelstoke, part of a series of ski resorts known as the “powder highway”.”

‘The polar bear capital of the world’

“Canada is home to around 15,000 of the world’s surviving polar bears.
But can tourism help with conservation efforts when it comes to these threatened animals?
Brandy Yanchyk reports from Churchill, Manitoba where for two months of the year polar bears outnumber residents.”

“New threat to Canada’s Pacific humpback whales?”

“Once hunted to near extinction, the humpback whales of Canada’s Pacific are back in larger numbers and the Canadian government has downgraded their status from “threatened” to one “of special concern”. However, there are concerns that the whales face new risks from increased oil and natural gas exploration.
Brandy Yanchyk reports from the coast of British Columbia.”

Tycoon’s lifeline to Canadian island prompts mixed reactions

“Zita Cobb, a multimillionaire in the high tech industry, has returned to her remote childhood island home off Newfoundland to save its endangered rural community from extinction.” Brandy Yanchyk reports from Fogo Island.

World iceberg capital turns frozen blocks to cold, hard cash

“Twillingate is obsessed with icebergs. The eastern Canadian fishing town calls itself the iceberg capital of the world, and tourists flock to visit in the summer when the season for the frozen goliaths is booming.” Brandy Yanchyk reports from Twillingate, Newfoundland.

Britain’s Prince Andrew marks 5th visit to Canada’s Northwest Territories

“Prince Andrew spent this past weekend in the Northwest Territories, where he enjoyed a canoe trip with friends and helped locals celebrate the opening of an upgraded float plane base.” The CBC’s Brandy Yanchyk had an exclusive interview with the Duke of York.

Canada’s ‘Little Iceland’

“The Canadian town of Gimli is known as “New Iceland” because the area was settled by Icelandic immigrants in the late 1870s and has kept its Icelandic heritage, customs and language. Now, with their homeland suffering economic troubles, a fresh wave of Icelanders is arriving in the area seeking work.
Brandy Yanchyk visited Gimli to get a taste of the town and find out why people feel at home 3,000 miles away from Reykjavik.”

Canada’s school on top of a ski mountain

“Parents living in the Canadian resort town of Sun Peaks, British Columbia, created their own independent school on top of a ski mountain after they were told their children would have to travel two hours a day to reach the nearest school. Brandy Yanchyk reports from Sun Peaks.”

Keeping Canada’s unique Gaelic culture alive

“Musicians, folk culture enthusiasts and teachers have been spearheading attempts to revitalize a unique Gaelic culture on an island off Canada’s Atlantic coast. Brandy Yanchyk reports from the Celtic Colours International Festival on Cape Breton.”

Star Trek fans set to beam up to Canada

“Fewer than 2,000 people live in the small prairie town of Vulcan in Alberta, Canada. But the town sees its population swell every June as it trades on its name and its association with Vulcan, the home planet of Mr Spock in Star Trek.”
Brandy Yanchyk interviewed Actor Leonard Nimoy on why he loves visiting Vulcan, Alberta – the Star Trek capital of Canada.