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Brandy Yanchyk is looking for female scientists for her new documentary Ms. Scientist for CBC

I’m making a new documentary called #MsScientist about Women and Science for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I’m hoping to feature scientists who live in Alberta and British Columbia. If you know of someone who you think would be interesting to profile please send me a message at
Thank you for your help.

You can watch Brandy Yanchyk’s new travel show #SeeingCanada for free online on CPAC

You can watch the first four episodes of Brandy Yanchyk’s new travel show #SeeingCanada online on CPAC here:

Seeing Canada – Nimmo Bay, British Columbia and Manitoulin Island, Ontario:

Seeing Canada – Winnipeg, Manitoba and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

Seeing Canada – Banff, Alberta and Niagara Falls, Ontario:

Seeing Canada – Western Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories:

Seeing Canada – Nunavut and Yukon

Seeing Canada – PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec