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“Edmonton’s ‘global filmmaker’ focuses on Finland”

Metro News did a story on Brandy Yanchyk’s new documentary “Finding Edge Road” being in Edmonton’s Global Visions Film Festival on May 9th at 9pm.
You can buy tickets in advance by clicking here.
Click here to read: “Edmonton’s ‘global filmmaker’ focuses on Finland”
Click here to see the promo for “Finding Edge Road”.
For tickets for Global Visions’LOCAL Visions – A Celebration of ALBERTA Film! click here.

Brandy Yanchyk’s avalanche safety feature leads the BBC Travel Show

Click here to watch Brandy Yanchyk’s piece for the BBC Travel Show about the tech and training that will help you to survive an avalanche in the backcountry in Canada.

“Finding Edge Road” to air at the Edmonton Global Visions Film Festival on May 9th, 2015

Brandy Yanchyk’s new documentary “Finding Edge Road” will air at the Global Visions Film Festival in Edmonton on May 9th. Click here to see a promo of “Finding Edge Road”.
The screening will be part of “Local Visions: a Spotlight on Alberta” screening event on SATURDAY, MAY 9 at 7pm at the Royal Alberta Museum. “Finding Edge Road“ is a documentary that follows the lives of asylum seekers from Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan who have found themselves in Eastern Finland.

“The tech and training helping you to survive an avalanche”

“Skiing off-piste can offer the chance to explore pristine powder in a challenging environment, but it also brings risks.
Avalanches can send thousands of cubic metres of snow down a mountain, burying everything – including people – in its path. Brandy Yanchyk travels to British Columbia to find out how to enjoy off-piste sports safely.”