Monthly Archives: December 2011

Art on an Australian Outback train

“First Person: Painting on a train across the Australian Outback

Greg Fisher is a train manager on a line which crosses Australia from Sydney to Perth. He paints portraits and landscapes as he travels 4,000 km across the Outback on Great Southern Rail. Mr Fisher talked to the BBC’s Brandy Yanchyk describing his journey and what led him to combine art and transport.”

Ultimate thrills from around the world

“Some of Fast Track’s favourite adrenaline rushes from 2011 – Carmen Roberts treks up Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Tayfun King tries a death-defying mountain bike trail in Bolivia and Amandeep Bhangu reports from the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, Rajan Datar goes chariot riding and Brandy Yanchyk tries ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies.”

Heli-hiking in the remote Canadian Rockies

“Brandy Yanchyk experiences a guided heli-hike in the mountains of British Columbia – an adventure which encompasses travelling by zip-lines, climbing a via ferrata, and visiting glaciers.”