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Brooks – The City Of 100 Hellos (2011) (47 minutes) (Rogers’ OMNI TV, CBC Documentary Channel, PBS stations)

The documentary Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos explores how immigrants, refugees and temporary foreign workers from the local meat packing plant are changing and challenging the western cowboy city of Brooks, Alberta in Canada. It also explores the city’s 100 year history as it celebrates its centennial anniversary.

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    Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos is airing on CTS Television’s Doc Side on March 1st 2014 at 9pm. Doc Side host Sharon Caddy will interview Brooks’ mayor Martin Shield.

    It is also airing on OMNI TV in English, Tagalog and Mandarin and CBC’s Documentary Channel and across the United States on PBS in February 2014.

    CM magazine recommends “Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos”. 
    Here is CM’s review of “Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos”:
    Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos has been featured in these film festivals:
    – 2013 “Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos” have been nominated for the The Golden Sheaf Awards at the Yorkton Film Festival in Saskatchewan under the “Multicultural” section. It will also air at the Yorkton Film Festival.
    -The 2012 International Film Festival for Peace,Inspiration, and Equality in Jakarta, Indonesia
    – 2012 Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival
    – 2012 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
    – 2011 Ghangzhou, China International Film Festival
    – 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival Showcase
    – 2011 Commffest Global Community Festival

    Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos has been the winner of the following awards:
    – “New Comer – Award of Excellence” at the 2012 International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality in Jakarta, Indonesia
    – “Best Educational Film” at the 2012 Alaska International Film Awards
    – “2012 Golden Palm Award” for “The Documentary Film Competition” at The Mexico International Film Festival
    – “2012 Royal Reel Award for the Documentary Competition” at The Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver
    – “Honorable Mention Award: Best Documentary under 60 minutes” at the 2011, Commffest (Toronto) Global Community Festival in Toronto
    – “Honorable Mention Award: Humanitarian Approach” at the 8th annual Montana, CINE International Film Festival

Desert to Ice (2009) (22 minutes) (BBC World TV)

Desert to Ice is a documentary about a handful of Palestinians who have escaped the sands of Iraq for a new life in Iceland. Brandy Yanchyk reports on an extraordinary transformation as the desert-dwellers seek refuge on a distant island in the far north. This 22 minute documentary was made in 2009 for BBC World TV’s documentary program Our World. This documentary was produced, written, directed and filmed by Brandy Yanchyk.

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BRANDY Y PRODUCTIONS Inc. is an independent documentary film, television and digital media company owned by Brandy Yanchyk, an award winning Canadian filmmaker and journalist.

Ms. Yanchyk’s productions cover a wide range of social and factual genres.
Her documentaries have aired on channels including the BBC, CBC, PBS, the CBC Documentary Channel, Rogers, CPAC, TELUS Optik, AMI, YES TV, SHAW TV and on Air Canada’s In Flight Entertainment System and at film festivals around the world.

Since 2009, Brandy has made fifteen television documentaries, four web series and one APP.

Arctic safari attracts visitors to Canada

“The frozen wastelands of Canada’s far north have always held an attraction for more adventurous tourists. But with stories about global warming threatening to change the landscape, more people seem to be heading there to get a glimpse of the areas stark, natural beauty before it changes. Brandy Yanchyk went on a Canadian Arctic Safari – travelling through the Hudson Strait going north of the tree line.”