Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mr. Spock comes home to Vulcan, Alberta

“One of the original stars of Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy, was visiting a small Canadian prairie town on friday, there is nothing strange about you might think except for one thing the town is called Vulcan which also happens to be the name of the planet from which Mr. Spock hailed. This town is celebrating its new status as the official Star Trek Capital of Canada. Brandy Yanchyk caught up Leonard Nimoy before the weekend’s festivities got underway…”

Volunteering for service at Montreal restaurant

“The aim of Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) Restaurant in Montreal is changing lives one meal at a time. The eatery donates its profits to six local charities and relies heavily on volunteers to keep the operation running. Opened in 2006, there is now a waiting list of those offering to help.
In this first person account, Judy Servay explains to Brandy Yanchyk why in tough times her restaurant has become such a winning proposition.”