Monthly Archives: February 2010

Spirits run high for Germany who are in second place at the Vancouver Olympics

“It’s day fourteen of the Winter Olympics and Germany is still in second place with twenty-four medals. Spirits are running high for the German athletes who have won medals. Brandy Yanchyk met some of them in the town of Whistler where they have been competing.”

Olympics a cultural exchange for Germany and Canada’s First Nations

“Germany is not only hoping to leave the Olympics with a chestful of medals it also wants to use this high profile sporting event for cultural exchange. The eastern German state of Saxony is using the Olympics as an opportunity to share its culture with Canada’s aboriginals. Brandy Yanchyk reports from Vancouver.”

Germany’s Luge Athletes reflect on the Vancouver Olympic Games

“Next, the Winter Olympics. After 10 days of competition the US is leading the overall Olympic medal count with twenty-five, four more than Germany. Brandy Yanchyk met up with the German luge team to see what they’ve learned so far.”

Fast Track: goes dogsledding

“With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we sent fast:track reporter Brandy Yanchyk to try her hand at a most Canadian way of getting around – dogsled.”

Promoting German hospitality at the Vancouver Olympics

“While the eyes of the world are on Canada during the Olympic Winter Games other countries are hoping to entice the world to take a look at them at the same time. Germany is no exception. Brandy Yanchyk has been sampling German beer and sausage in Vancouver.”

German curlers enjoy the spotlight at the Vancouver Olympics

“The curling events have begun at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. The sport is extremely popular in Canada and a pair of gold medals in this sport is a main goal for the host nation coming second only to hockey. Canada beat Germany 9 – 4 on Tuesday but as Brandy Yanchyk reports the German curling teams are hoping the Vancouver Olympics will help the sport to grow back home.”

Mind over matter for the German Olympic Team

“The Vancouver Winter Olympics are underway in Canada. Germany is hoping to top the medal table again this year. The talent to do it is there – so if Germany wants to succeed, it seems the difference between standing on the podium and being a bystander may have more to do with the mind than the body. Here’s Deutsche Welle radio’s correspondent Brandy Yanchyk from Vancouver.”

German Team hopes to stay on top of medal’s table at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

“The Vancouver Winter Olympics are underway in Canada. Germany is hoping to stay on top of the medal table this year. At the last winter Games in 2006 in Turin the German team won 29 medals – 11 gold – 12 silver and six bronze. Deutsche Welle Radio’s Brandy Yanchyk is in Vancouver and has this report.”

Making the Olympic medals

“The medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics have been designed by an Aboriginal Canadian called Corrine Hunt. She spoke to reporter Brandy Yanchyk about the inspiration behind her designs.”

Brother and sister from Haiti find a home in Canada

“Carmen Lynne will never forget 12 January, the day the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Mrs Lynne, who lives near Edmonton in the Canadian province of Alberta, was hovering by the phone waiting for a call to tell her to fly to Haiti to pick up her newly adopted children when news of the quake broke.”